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10 Reasons to Visit Carlisle this Christmas

In case you needed a reason to visit Carlisle, the third post in our Yorkshire and North England series is giving you ten reasons to make a trip up (or down) there this Christmas.

1. Visit Carlisle and the Lake District and Scotland

A visit to Carlisle puts you in an ideal position to explore the Lakes and Southern Scotland. Carlisle is located in Cumbria on the tip of North West England, right by the Scottish Border. A stay in the northern city makes driving to Scotland or the Lake District so easy, that when you holiday in Carlisle you can have three holidays in one. How’s that for stretching your time and money?

 2. Frozen Entertainment

This holiday season in Carlisle, an ice rink will be moved into the city centre for a full month between 15th December and 18th January. What better way to get in to the winter spirit than to lace up your skates and twirl on the ice. This is a family friendly activity for all ages so don’t miss out.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

3. Carlisle Cathedral

The Cathedral is a stunning tourist attraction at all times of the year but a Christmas trip is even more special. Walk through the doors and feel a sense of peace come over you as you peruse the ancient features or listen to a service. It does not matter what religion you are, visiting the Cathedral is about 900 years of history coming to life in one place.

 4. Visit Carlisle Christmas Market

Everyone loves a Christmas market and when you visit Carlisle you get a real international experience. Walk around the stalls taking in the sights and smells from Europe, Asia and Africa. This Christmas market is only around for a limited time between 3rd – 7th of December, so get planning your visit.

 5. Christmas Shopping

Your Carlisle holiday is the perfect place to pick up those last minute Christmas bits or even pick up a well deserved present for yourself. Shopping in one place is made simple with a visit to the Lanes Shopping Centre, where there is shopping galore. In Carlisle you’ll find well known high street brands and independent boutiques, selling everything you and your dear ones could want in their Santa sacks.

 6. Eat Round in the World in one City

There is an immense range of places to eat when you stay in Carlisle. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant, bistro, a quick sandwich or a takeaway, you’re choices are from all over the world. And of course, there’s a wide range of eating establishments serving delectable food to meet all dietary requirements.carlisle castle

 7. Time to Visit Carlisle Castle

When you visit Carlisle, you must make time to visit the magnificent castle, just outside of the city centre, a key part of Carlisle’s long history. The castle was strategically built on the English/Scottish border by the son of William the Conqueror and withstood years of attacks. Don’t worry though, when you visit the castle you’ll be safe as you peruse the dungeons, where Mary Queen of Scots was once imprisoned. (Just don’t get locked in …)

 8. Theatre for All

The English theatre scene isn’t all about the west end of London. Here in Carlisle you can watch hit musicals and brilliant amateur performances at the Sands Centre or West Walls theatre. It wouldn’t be a British Christmas without our traditional pantomimes. At the Sands Centre you can catch Peter Pan from Friday 12th December all the way up until New Year’s Eve.

 9. Nightlife

Carlisle isn’t just a family friendly location, it’s a great destination for young couples and groups of friends. There is a massive choice of nightlife to keep you entertained after dark, whether you want to dance in a club or feel sophisticated in a cocktail bar, you’ll find a great haunt. Let the Christmas lights guide your way.Crown B

10. A Place to Rest your Head

After all the fun you’re having in the day (and night) in Carlisle, you’ll need somewhere to sleep. Carlisle has a fantastic selection of places to stay but we recommend the historic Crown and Mitre Hotel, it has everything. The luxuorious rooms are perfect for a special Christmas occasion and there’s plenty to do within the hotel itself, because, baby, it’s cold outside.

Here you have it, 10 great reasons to Visit Carlisle this Christmas. What more could you want from a city? Grab your coats and scarves, load up the car or book your plane or train and come pay Carlisle a big festive visit.


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