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The Secrets of Herm, Sark and Alderney

Herm, Sark and Alderney are three little islands that combined with Guernsey and Jersey make up the majority of the Channel Islands. Lesser known than their larger Channel fellows, this post will let you in on the secrets that make these islands perfect pieces of paradise in the British Isles.

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Image from

The Island of Herm takes up just 2km², its compact size means that you’ll find Herm a clean and calm place, with no pollution, no cars and no crowds. Being just a few miles away from the Guernsey coast, Herm has been a popular daytrip spot of Guernsey holiday makers, but this unspoilt island is a little holiday gem in its own right.

Herm Harbour image from

Herm Harbour image from

There are a variety of places to stay, whether you want to be cared for in a hotel or go at your own pace in a self catering cottage. In the daytime stretch out on the beach, enjoying the lovely summer climate or take a scenic walk. You can really explore this island and its heritage by visiting Neolithic tombs and the 11th century chapel. Pick up a map and take a walk, there’s no reason why you can’t see it all here.

Image from

Image from

When it comes to eating in Herm, you must visit the Mermaid Tavern. The Mermaid is the entertainment centre of the island, open all year round and especially popular in the summer months when the island is at its busiest. The Mermaid is set around a lovely courtyard where you can  enjoy snacks or heartier meals, as well as getting all your essentials. And, if you’re going self catering, you can pick up fresh meat and fish to cook.

Mermaid Tavern, Herm. Image from

Mermaid Tavern, Herm. Image from


Derrible Bay -

Derrible Bay –

Sark is the fourth smallest island in the channel, not far from the Normandy coast. Approaching the island by boat is magical, the amazing scenery greets you every time and if you’re really lucky some local wildlife might bob their head above water.

Puffins -

Puffins –

Sark is nothing like anything you’ve experienced before, like Herm there are no cars, instead you will find tractors, bikes and the odd horse and carriage ambling around the roads. After the noisy and fast pace of city life, you will find the quiet here as refreshing as a dip in the channel.



A Sark holiday is all about leisure. Make your way down to the water and explore the marine life on a dive, have a lovely swim or take some time to fish. Take a trip to La Seigneurie Gardens and peruse the magical woodland and artefacts revealing the history of Sark.

Walled Garden at La Seigneurie Gardens  image

Walled Garden at La Seigneurie Gardens image

Try your hand at coasteering in one of the most unique environments. This guided adventure will take you through caves, scrambling up walls and daredevil jumps. Or if you want a slower paced adventure, take a boat trip around the island, see Sark in its glory and get a glimpse of water-dwelling wildlife.



Whatever you do in the daytime, a very special activity is waiting for you at night. Sark is the perfect place for star gazing, the unpolluted sky means that thousands of stars are visible without needing a telescope. This is an especially popular visitor attraction in winter.


Image from

Image from

Tiny Alderney is only one and a half miles wide and over three miles long, but there’s a lot of beauty in this little place.

Although it is very close to the other Channel Islands and France, Alderney remains unspoilt and peaceful, attracting careful visitors each year instead of herds of tourists. It makes this Island a great secret getaway for a quiet, relaxing holiday all year round. Arrive by boat or plane and let your Alderney break begin.

Alderney Town

Alderney Town

Full of stunning scenery including gorgeous greenery and beautiful beaches, a stay in Alderney is just what you need to recharge your batteries away from busy modern life.  The year-round mild climate means whenever you visit, there is something to do. Take a long stroll, relax on the beach, swim in the sea or do a spot of fishing. The beauty of a small place is that you can try absolutely everything.

Alderney has a variety of accommodation for your stay:

Fort Clonque is a unique accommodation in a former fort. Sleeping thirteen people, this is a group holiday like no other. Situated between large rocks, just outside the south-west tip of the Island, this magnificent building was built in 1853 and is managed today by the Landmark Trust.

Fort Clonque Exterior image from

Fort Clonque Exterior image from

Fort Clonque Bedroom - image from

Fort Clonque Bedroom – image from

Pipe Dreamer House is a beautiful self catering holiday property with amazing views of the Braye Harbour and over the English Channel. Sleeping eight people in four double bedrooms, this luxury holiday home includes a wrap around balcony and a Jacuzzi.

Pipe Dreamer House exterior image from

Pipe Dreamer House exterior image from

Pipe Dreamer House Interior - mage from

Pipe Dreamer House Interior – mage from

Saye Beach Campsite is the only spot for camping on Alderney. Rent a tent behind the sand dunes on Saye Baye where there are all the facilities to make your camping holiday fun and relaxing. Tents are available in a range of sizes, so you know your party is covered. There’s also a small shop and café nearby, so even though you’re at one with nature, you’re right by civilisation.

Saye Beach Campsite -

Saye Beach Campsite –

Herm, Sark and Alderney are three fantastic islands in the Channel between England and France. With mild weather and clean, unspoilt surroundings it’s a chance to take life at a slower pace for your holiday and breathe a sigh of, very, fresh air.


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